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Los Angeles (March 2, 2006) --- Screen Actors Guild Interim National Executive Director Peter Frank issued the following statement today:

“It is with great sadness that Screen Actors Guild announces that Sallie Weaver, our longtime Deputy National Executive Director for Contracts, has decided to leave the Guild after 20 years of dedicated service to performers. Sallie has graciously made her resignation effective May 1, 2006, giving us ample time to prepare for this transition.

“Sallie’s departure is a great loss for the Guild. For two decades, she put her boundless energies and considerable talents towards protecting and enhancing the welfare of performers across America – bettering their contracts as one of our chief negotiators, strengthening their pension and health programs as a trustee of those plans, and fighting for their claims as the head of our Contracts Department. In those pursuits, she skillfully led a staff of equally dedicated men and women who will miss her leadership.

“We wish she would spend the next 20 years with us, but accept with great reluctance that she feels she must now move in another direction. Her years of service to performers and to the cause of organized labor are marked by significant contributions and a true legacy. Screen Actors Guild will miss her very much.”