Statement by Doug Allen, SAG National Executive Director/Chief Negotiator

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Statement by Doug Allen, SAG National Executive Director/Chief Negotiator
Los Angeles (January 21, 2008) — Doug Allen, Screen Actors Guild National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator, today released the following statement:

“It is up to the board and membership of the Directors Guild of America to determine if their tentative agreement with the AMPTP is acceptable. That decision will not determine what will be satisfactory for the leadership and membership of the Screen Actors Guild. Each guild must act in the best interests of its own membership.

“The rush to anoint this agreement as the “solution” for the industry is premature. Without more specific details, the DGA/AMPTP agreement cannot be authoritatively described as good or bad; much of it is simply unknown.

“We await the release of specific details regarding the DGA’s tentative agreement in order to answer certain questions regarding potential problems with the provisions of this deal. We look forward to the answers to these questions and hope that anyone judging this new agreement will also get more information before recommending this deal to any other group.

“Screen Actors Guild is encouraged that the Writers Guild of America and AMPTP employers are scheduled to meet this week and we wish them well. We hope that the employers’ return to the bargaining table signals their willingness to engage in meaningful negotiation until a fair deal is reached for writers.

“We hope it will not be necessary, but if the WGA strike continues beyond the date of the Academy Awards, we anticipate that SAG members will continue to honor WGA picket lines.”