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Los Angeles (January 10, 2006) – Screen Actors Guild announced today the promotion of two veteran employees to national director positions that each oversees key Guild contracts. Sandy Kincaid has been named national director of commercial and industrial contracts, while Karen Borell has assumed the role of national director of entertainment contracts. Both promotions are effective immediately.

Kincaid, the national director of stunt, safety & music entertainment since 2002, will guide the national contract staff in its interpretation and enforcement of commercials and industrial/educational contracts and advise the elected leadership on each of the agreements. Borell originally joined the Guild in 1981 and will oversee the same set of responsibilities for the TV and Basic Agreement.

“I’m extremely pleased that Karen Borell and Sandy Kincaid are stepping into these two critically important positions,” said Deputy National Executive Director of Contracts Sallie Weaver. “After working closely with each individual for several years, I know them to be accomplished, effective advocates for the Guild and its many contractual issues. They both possess tremendous knowledge of the complex agreements that members rely upon every day.”

After joining the Guild in 1994 as a business representative, Kincaid has worked on various SAG collective bargaining agreements ranging from commercials to stunt & safety. In addition to participating in collective bargaining negotiations and interpreting and enforcing contracts, she has represented the Guild on the Industry-Wide Labor/Management Safety Committee.

After joining SAG as a production representative, Borell’s first stint with the Guild lasted five years before she joined such companies as Viacom International and Paramount, where she worked as director of labor relations & contracts/productions and director of labor relations respectively. Since rejoining the Guild in 1997, Borell has participated in the training and management of business representatives and supported negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) on the Basic and Television Agreements. She also led the Guild's Residuals Claims department in the collection of residuals on behalf of SAG members.