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For the second time in six weeks, SAG takes strong action against scam artists looking to prey upon actors

Los Angeles, CA (August 26, 2004) --- Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an anti-scam bill on Tuesday that amends the California Advance Talent Service Act (AFTS). The bill (SB 1687), which goes into effect January 1, 2005, was co-sponsored by Screen Actors Guild and Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo. Calif. State Senator Kevin Murray (D-Culver City) introduced the bill and championed it through the legislature and signing.

The Advance Talent Service Act passed in 1999, but scammers found a way around the law and continued to charge up-front fees for acting classes and photographs. SB 1687 closes a loophole specifying that the term "advance fee" includes a fee paid for the purchase of a good or service in order to obtain representation, counseling or promotion .

SAG President Melissa Gilbert, who worked closely with State Senator Murray and City Attorney Delgadillo on this legislation, said, "This law will protect unsuspecting parents, children and aspiring actors from paying for false promises of stardom. I am proud that SAG was part of this effort that will stop these cruel scams once and for all. I commend Senator Murray, City Attorney Delgadillo and Governor Schwarzenegger for taking a stand and stopping this practice."

Senator Murray said: "I am very pleased this bill was signed into law. This closes the loophole on talent scammers who have been snubbing the intention of the AFTS Act in order to take advantage of people entering the entertainment business."