New Automatic Payment Option for SAG Health Premiums

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New Automatic Payment Option for SAG Health Premiums

The SAG Health Plan is pleased to announce a new premium payment option that will eliminate the worry of missing a payment and risking the loss of eligibility. The new Auto Debit Plan deducts your quarterly premium automatically on a recurring basis each quarter from your checking or savings account (excludes credit cards). Payments are deducted on the 25th of each month prior to the due date. For example, a payment due on July 1 is deducted on July 25.

The new option will be available beginning with the July 1, 2004 payment. Watch your mail for enrollment information, or call the New York, Southeastern or Main Plan Office (ext. 2440). The Auto Debit Plan is available to participants with other Earned or Self-Pay Eligibility.

You now have four premium payment options:

1. Auto Debit Plan

2. Pay by Check

3. Pay by Phone at 800/777-4013

4. Pay by web at

(Note: You must register in advance to obtain a user name and password.)

Contacting SAG-PPHP
Main office: Burbank, CA (800/4013 or 818/954-9400)
New York Office: New York, NY (212/599-6010)
Southeastern Office: Miami (305/670-9795)
Main Office Email: