Information on WGA Picket Line Locations for Tuesday, November 13

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Information on WGA Picket Line Locations for Tuesday, November 13

In Los Angeles:


Come to Universal Studios tomorrow and show your Screen Actors Guild solidarity for striking WGA writers. In the interest of keeping the TV cameras focused on the strike, WGA has announced that there will be a "Picketing with the Stars" rally on Tuesday, November 13, from 12-2

Main Gates 1, 2 and 3 (all gates off of Lankershim Blvd.)
12-2 p.m.
SAG staff coordinators will be at the site

In New York:

We’ll hear from Guild leaders and then spread our message throughout the Financial District with leafleting around the NYSE.
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Location: Northeast Corner of Battery Park, corner of State St. and Bowling Green

We encourage you, on your own time, to walk any picket line that has been set up by the WGA to show your solidarity. If you are not working (or are on break or lunch) and want to come out to support the WGA picket line, please come to one of the following locations. When you arrive at the location, look for the designated Screen Actors Guild staff member.


Please stay at studio locations, and do not join picketers at on-location sites. Screen Actors Guild is not condoning or participating in disruption and/or attempts to shut down location shoots.

It is critical that SAG picket signs not be displayed at any locations other than the appropriate sites at the studios and networks.

If you are contracted to work on a television series or motion picture that continues to produce while the WGA is on strike, you are obligated by your personal service agreement and the “No Strike” clause in our collective bargaining agreements to go to work. You can continue to audition for work and accept new work if you choose to do so. 

Screen Actors Guild members should not perform the duties covered by WGA contracts. Simply stated, you should not write anything normally written by striking WGA writers.

Finally, and most importantly, we must support our fellow SAG members on every set even if they have to cross a picket line to get to work. They are simply following the advice of their union and honoring their contract. It is not reasonable to expect SAG cast members to risk the potentially enormous personal liability that may flow from refusing to work in the absence of a SAG strike. Please note, the WGA contract includes a similar “No Strike” clause and writers would be bound to the same rules as you are if another union were striking.

Screen Actors Guild WGA Strike Information Hotline: