FCC Rule Changes Highlight Need for SAG and AFTRA to Join Forces

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FCC Rule Changes Highlight Need for SAG and AFTRA to Join Forces

Union Presidents Gilbert and Connolly call on members to “match strength with strength” by approving consolidation plan

(Hollywood) – SAG and AFTRA today released the following statement from Presidents Melissa Gilbert and John Connolly in response to the FCC’s approval of the loosening of restrictions on media ownership:

Today’s ruling by the FCC makes the consolidation of SAG and AFTRA even more urgent and necessary. The FCC has voted ’yes’ to giving media companies even more power. Now, actors, broadcasters and recording artists must respond to this action by voting “YES” for new power of our own. We must approve consolidation so that we can match strength with strength.

By joining together, our members will have a stronger, more effective union with the clout to fight for more jobs and higher wages. That’s why it’s no surprise the media conglomerates don’t want us to consolidate. Our members know employers will not look out for our best interests, and the employer agenda should not be a factor in deciding our future.

Today’s FCC ruling proves beyond all doubt that we must build a new Partnership for Power to face this changing industry. A united front is the most practical and effective response to the changes that have taken place in our industry. We can no longer ignore the realities of our business. The media conglomerates get more and more powerful every day. We can’t afford to sit still any longer. It’s time to act.

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