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The website is an electronic nerve center filled with valuable information and key resources. Any time of the day or night, visit and connect to our online tools, customized for your profession. offers customized access to Performers, Producers, Casting Directors, Agents and Payroll Houses, providing all industry professionals everything they need to do business with the union.

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SAG-AFTRA members are entitled to a variety of member benefits, including contracts/collective bargaining, pension and health, health and retirement, the iActor online casting database, and much more. Once you’ve registered with SAG-AFTRA 24/7 and logged-in as a member, you can:

  • Check your television and theatrical residual status
  • Pay your dues online
  • Confirm current day rates
  • View contracts, career seminars and workshops
  • Stay current with local events

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Need contract provision verification for your client? Need to check on basic protections? Information is at your fingertips at Before sending your clients abroad, find out about Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work. SAG-AFTRA news on the home page keeps you apprised of the latest news and information impacting the industry and your profession. The SAG-AFTRA Portal is a unique website experience that provides franchised agents across the country with 24/7 access to critical union information, their member contracts, and signatory production data. All of this and more is now at your fingertips.

Casting Directors

SAG-AFTRA 24/7 is a casting director’s best friend.With iActor, SAG-AFTRA’s revolutionary online casting service, you’ll have immediate access to the SAG talent pool, and automatically see which performers have Station 12 clearance. You can even use the site to activate the Taft-Hartley process for new joins. Need to find our union rules and protections? It’s all here.


Need to research your listed client’s residuals to ensure they are being paid properly? Need to make sure all of your clients are correctly listed with the Union? Need access to the many benefits that come with being listed with SAG-AFTRA including access to health care insurance options and supplemental insurance options? Create a free account online now to access all of these, and many other benefits.


Whether your project is a multi-million dollar bonanza or a shoestring indie, you have access to the entire SAG-AFTRA talent pool. We have contracts to fit any production – all online in our downloadable document library. Our agreements cover theatrical, television, commercial, corporate/educational, documentary, music video and new media.

Novice filmmakers should also visit the SAGIndie site to find out all the ins and outs of our low budget agreements.

Seasoned professionals can easily find information relating to their projects such as Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work, current rates and union provisions. You can even get started as a signatory – right here on the site. You’ll also have access to iActor, SAG-AFTRA’s revolutionary online casting directory, complete with automated Station 12 clearance. But you must be registered and logged in to see all these features – do so today by clicking the link below!

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