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Co/Ed & Non-Broadcast Contract News

Attention All Washington-Mid Atlantic Local Members:
Co/Ed & Non-Broadcast Contract News

Your local Actor/Performer Committee is pleased to announce an organizing waiver that we believe will enable all of us to increase our Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast (formerly known as Industrial) work exponentially.

The following notice will be mailed to hundreds of local producers, payroll services, casting directors and agents this week:

Co/Ed & Non-Broadcast Contract News
This notice will also direct them to and detailed information. We will also be distributing the information via industry resources such as The Actors Center, WIFV, TIVA and others.

But we still need your help to make this effort succeed. SUBMIT yourselves for corporate video work that is advertised as "non-union." MARKET yourselves and the availability of the waiver widely to producers in the Washington-Mid Atlantic Local. And finally, SHARE your success stories with us by sending information about the jobs you win to so that we can track the value of the waiver.

Please note that the waiver is experimental and is effective until April 30, 2017 at which time the Local Board and National Contract Standing Committee will review the results and consider an extension. 

If you would like more information or would like to volunteer to assist in our promotional efforts, please contact and congratulations in advance on your next role!