May Screen Actors Guild members work on an interactive / video game production?

Yes! Provided that the production is signatory to the current SAG Interactive Media Agreement.

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Can clips of the game I worked on be used for promotional purposes?

Yes. However, clips twelve (12) minutes and over require that the producer pay additional compensation to the performers. Clip reuse excludes reuse for commercials. Please contact your SAG rep for details.

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Do SAG game producers have to pay residuals?

No. There are currently no residuals in the SAG Interactive Media Agreement.

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What rights do performers have on a SAG video game?

Though a single, unaltered game can be sold worldwide in perpetuity on unlimited platforms, any other re-use or integration of the performance in another medium or video game would trigger additional payment.

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Can a SAG signatory still do both union and non-union games?

SAG provides two options to give greater flexibility to game producers. First, SAG offers a Full Interactive Media Agreement, which provides the game producer the ability to use SAG members for all of the producer’s games. Alternatively, SAG also offers a One Production Only (OPO) contract that allows the Producer the option of using SAG members for a specific game title. Producers can sign up to three (3) OPOs a year.

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What paperwork is the producer responsible for during production?

Production paperwork is minimal. Only four (4) documents are required during production, all of which SAG will provide: performer contracts, daily time sheets, final cast list, and pension and health reporting form.

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What are performers paid for performance capture?

Performance capture is subject to the Principle On Camera rate.

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