Living Contract Video FAQs

When is a session payment due for a commercial?

There was a second camera on set shooting behind-the-scenes footage. Do I get paid for that too?

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Favored Nations

Means that you are getting equal contractual treatment to others on the project.

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New Media Commercials

Can a producer bargain for extended or unlimited editing rights, and also bargain for the exercise fee when utilized?

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Background / Extra Performers

When is the session payment due for a commercial?
Session payment for a commercial is due 12 business days after the session.

How is overtime paid on a commercial?

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Spanish Language Commercials

Are there any differences between Spanish language and English language commercials in regards to the minimum session fees or working conditions?
No, the minimum session fees and all working conditions for Spanish language commercials are exactly the same as English language commercials. All provisions of the contract apply. In addition, if the producer wishes to also hold the Spanish language performer exclusive to the advertised product in the English language market, an additional 50% of session and use is paid to the performer.

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Principal Performers: Residuals (Use Fees)

When are payments for residuals due?
Residual payments must be postmarked within 15 business days from the first use in a 13-week cycle.  However, payment for all Class A uses that occur from Monday through Sunday are due within 15 business days from the following Monday. In the event that payment is not made on time, late payment damages become due. 

What is “Class A” use?

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Principal Performers: Holding Fees

What are holding fees?
Holding fees are paid to a performer in “fixed” cycles, every 13 weeks from the session date, if the producer wishes to retain the rights to air the commercial and wants to hold a performer exclusive to the product.  During this 13-week period, a performer cannot accept work in a commercial for a competitive product. For example, if a performer has received a holding fee for a Pepsi commercial, he/she may not accept work for a commercial advertising Coca-Cola during that period of time.

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