San Francisco - Northern California

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Start: 02/24/2013 - 3:00am
End: 02/24/2013 - 6:00am

Join newsmakers, colleagues and friends in celebrating Belva's historic career with a reception and a program of interviews, tributes and surprises presided over by former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. For more information visit

When: 7-10 p.m.,  Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013

Where: Yerba Center for the Arts Forum

Join us as we celebrate the passion that is changing the music landscape. FutureSound will bring together artists, entrepreneurs, investors and meaningful rights-holders into the same room to foster focused and progressive conversations about next-generation opportunities for music. These ideas will be presented and discussed on-site to produce a Billboard cover story detailing best practices and ideas. Don’t miss keynote Q&As with Deadmau5, Fred Wilson, Marc Geiger, ground breaking presentations and panels and the Innovators Startup Showcase Competition! 

Start: 11/10/2012 - 6:00pm
End: 11/10/2012 - 9:00pm

When: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012

Description: All-star panel discussion with members of the DGA including Debbie Brubaker, Ned Kopp, Paul Martin, John Morse, John Slosser and Lope Yap, Jr.  Topics to be discussed include:

1.       What a director wants and/or expects from an actor on set
2.       Background actors on the set
3.       Working with production assistants
4.       The DGA structure – who is responsible for what
5.       Set etiquette