California Film and Television Production Credits Mean More Work for Union Members

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California Film and Television Production Credits Mean More Work for Union Members

A coalition of entertainment unions and guilds believe that the latest round of productions selected to receive the California Film and Television Production Credits underscore the ongoing importance of the program. Based on information provided by these projects it is estimated that they will spend more than $683 million in California, including nearly $265 million in wages, and will employ an estimated 5,700 cast and crew members.

This marks the fourth year of the state incentive which aims to keep productions filming in California, in turn employing union members in the state. Arguably, this has been the largest and most competitive year for projects in consideration for the incentive with The California Film Commission receiving a record 322 applications; nearly double the applicants from 2011.

We welcome the jobs that will be created by this year’s allocation. The California production incentive ensures that our members can continue to work in California’s heritage industry--entertainment and that our business can continue as an integral part of our state’s economy as it has been for almost 100 years. The numbers released today by the California Film Commission  represent real people, members of our Guilds and unions, who will benefit from employment on these productions. We applaud the fact that all that is made possible because of the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program.
Directors Guild of America
IATSE Local 44 – Affiliated Property Craftpersons
IATSE Local 80 – Motion Picture Studio Grips/ Crafts Service
IATSE Local 600 – International Cinematographers Guild
IATSE Local 695 – Sound Technicians, Television Engineers, Video Assist Technicians,
        and Studio Projectionists
IATSE Local 700 – Motion Picture Editors Guild
IATSE Local 705 – Motion Picture Costumers
IATSE Local 706 – Make Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild
IATSE Local 728 – Motion Picture Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians
IATSE Local 729 – Motion Picture Set Painters and Sign Writers
IATSE Local 767 – Motion Picture Studio First Aid Employees
IATSE Local 800 – Art Directors Guild and Scenic, Title, and Graphic Artists
IATSE Local 871 – Script Supervisors/Continuity, Accountants and Allied Production Specialists Guild
IATSE Local 884 – Motion Picture Studio Teachers and Welfare Workers
IATSE Local 892 – Costume Designers Guild
International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 399
Professional Musicians – Local 47
Recording Musicians Association
SAG-AFTRA – Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists