Broadcaster, Performer Team Up to Coach Public Speaking

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Broadcaster, Performer Team Up to Coach Public Speaking

For 24 years, San Francisco’s LaborFest has been an opportunity for Northern California unions to demonstrate the value of their workers to the public. As part of the world’s largest union of entertainment and media professionals, the SAG-AFTRA San Francisco-Northern California Local presented a workshop focused on public speaking and earning coverage from journalists at 580 Valencia on July 28.  

KCBS reporter and SAG-AFTRA National Board member Bob Butler revealed the secrets to success for pitching a story and the thought process that reporters go through when formulating questions. Jeffrey Fox, a regular conservatory instructor and SAG-AFTRA Local Board member put participants on the stage and gave them a crash course in acting 101. 

The event gave participants a safe space to practice their skills and served as a reminder to the community that SAG-AFTRA union members are the best entertainment and media professionals in the business. 

Photo: Back row, from left, SAG-AFTRA members Bob Butler, Jeffrey Fox and Lucrecia Russo; front row, Lydia D’Angelo, Nicole Casey and Katie Ryan

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