BACK STAGE: The Indienomics of Casting

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BACK STAGE: The Indienomics of Casting
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The Indienomics of Casting

SAGindie prepares a new generation of filmmakers—and throws a few Sundance parties.

By Daniel Holloway
February 2, 2011


Photo by Fred Hayes

When SAGindie was born in 1997, only about 23 percent of movies at the Sundance Film Festival were produced under the Screen Actors Guild's low-budget agreements. In 2011, that number was close to 97 percent. SAGindie national director Darrien Michele Gipson is proud of that statistic, and it's easy to understand why. It's a good indicator of how well she's doing her job.

"Our function is strictly to educate independent filmmakers on how to hire professional talent for independent film and to explain to them how it can be done economically," Gipson said.


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