Atlanta Local Committee Requests

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Atlanta Local Committee Requests

A Call to Atlanta Members for Service

It is time once again to apply for positions on our local standing and ad-hoc committees.  Any member wishing to serve throughout the 2017-2019 term must apply, even if you have served in the past.  No consideration will be given to local members who do not apply.

Each committee can have a minimum of 3 members up to a maximum of 13 members.  The maximum number of voting members per committee is 9, with a maximum of 4 alternates.  Standing committees meet up to 4 times a year.  Ad-hoc committees can meet less frequently and will report on an as-needed basis.

The deadline for application is November 1 by 5pm ET, and all applications need to be sent to local Executive Director Melissa Goodman,

Atlanta committees are listed below, and candidates may apply for more than one committee.  Your application should include your committee preference(s) and a brief statement about your background and/or desire to serve.  Do not include your full resume, and only one statement is required per candidate.

Candidates will be reviewed first by staff for eligibility (dues paid through 10/30/17), and then the Atlanta Board will determine final selections. Members who are placed on committees will be contacted after November 13 by the respective committee chairs.

Please note that an application does not guarantee placement.


1.    Agent/Casting Relations

The primary goal of the Agent Relations Committee is to work with local Franchised Agents, ATA Agents and local Casting Directors to discuss strategies for increasing work opportunities for SAG-AFTRA members, including, but not limited to, concerns regarding training, self-taping, contracts, rates and local market trends.

2.    Atlanta HealthNet

The Atlanta HealthNet is a program that offers special discounts from local health care professionals to active SAG-AFTRA and Equity members.  The committee researches new practitioners to add to a current list of network providers and acts as a liaison between providers and members.

3.    Diversity/EEO

This Atlanta committee focuses on increasing diversity and equal employment opportunities in SAG-AFTRA productions both in Georgia and around the Southeast.

4.    Indie Outreach

The goal of the Indie Outreach Committee is to raise awareness and educate independent filmmakers about the benefits of using SAG-AFTRA actors and turning Indie productions into SAG-AFTRA signatory productions.

5.    Lend Me An Ear

“Lend Me An Ear” teams SAG-AFTRA members with Equity members in an annual fundraising evening of live Old-Time Radio to benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

6.    Muriel Moore/Danny Nelson SAG-AFTRA Conservatory

The twin goals of the Conservatory are raising the bar of local professionals and building community amongst SAG-AFTRA actors in our marketplace.  Each month, the Conservatory hosts a Speaker Event and a Workshop that is free to members.

7.    New & Next Gen Performers

This committee is intended to support the particular interests of new SAG-AFTRA Atlanta members and next generation performers.  Activities include new member orientations, basic contract introduction, organizing special social mixers, charitable fundraisers and pre-member outreach.

8.    Organizing

The Atlanta Organizing Committee is committed to pursuing the direct education of SAG-AFTRA pre-members and producers about the benefits of union affiliation, even in a Right-to-Work State.  The committee is currently reaching out to high schools and universities.

9.    Stunt & Safety

The Atlanta Stunt & Safety Committee is focused on the development of the local stunt community and raising awareness of set safety.

10.Wages & Working Conditions

The Atlanta W&W Committee meets prior to any national contract negotiation to organize and receive member input on a variety of contracts.


1.    Inter-Union Relations

SAG-AFTRA, EQUITY and other local trade unions often share goals and issues. We are looking for any SAG-AFTRA members who are dual cardholders with another trade union.

2.    VO

The VO business has changed even more rapidly than on-camera business.  This committee is focused on organizing voice talent and local producers.

3.    Dancers

This committee works with the National Dancer’s Alliance to identify and organize Atlanta work opportunities.


The highest calling and honor is service to others.  Thank you for your interest in serving your fellow members!