April 2011

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April SAG Agent of the Month: Linda Lange-Davidson, Productions Plus-The Talent Shop

 Linda Lange-Davidson, Productions Plus-The Talent Shop
Linda Lange-Davidson, Productions Plus-The Talent Shop

- Submitted by SAG Member Debra Port

“I would like to nominate Linda Lange-Davidson as SAG’s Agent of the Month and here's why:
Linda is my champion for union issues; she's unrelenting and knows the contracts.  This may sound like standard operating procedure, but in a small market like Detroit and especially since "Hollywood" has come to town, not all producers think the contract applies to them so Linda always sets them right.
But Linda also knows how to advise me.  I'll never forget the commercial job she admonished me to take 3 years ago, even though it meant delaying my long-planned family vacation to Walt Disney World for a day.  While sympathetic to my family concerns, she firmly said, "Walt Disney World will always be there; this DTE (Detroit Energy) job will not only pay for your trip but continue to pay. DTE runs their commercials for about 5 years."  Well, Linda was absolutely right.  I shot the commercial, Linda negotiated a "vacation delay" fee, my family made it to Disney, and I just received another residual check.  Thanks, Linda for taking the time to talk sense to me.
I implicitly trust Linda with my representation.  For 17 years, Linda has been my agent and I foresee no end to our relationship.
For all these reasons, I'd very much like to see Linda Lange-Davidson recognized as Agent of the Month.
Debra Port

SAG Member Debra Port

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