Aloha and Mahalo John Nordlum!

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Aloha and Mahalo John Nordlum!

Congratulations to John Nordlum on his retirement from the local board! John started his service as a board member and officer on the Screen Actors Guild Hawaii Branch board in 1988. He took a year off in 1989 and returned the following year, where he served until we merged the unions in 2012. He was elected to serve on the first SAG-AFTRA Hawaii Local Board until 2017. John’s accomplishments in the business are many. He was Jack Lord’s double on the original Hawaii 5-0 and worked as a stunt performer and double on numerous theatrical and television shows. 

Mahalo, John, for your years of service and dedication to the local membership. We will miss you and wish you and Lori all the best.

Photo: Lori and John Nordlum