Agreement Reached With ListenUp Audiobooks

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Agreement Reached With ListenUp Audiobooks

It is with great pleasure that we announce on behalf of both SAG-AFTRA and ListenUp Audiobooks that both parties have reached an agreement! ListenUp owner Chris Fogg and SAG-AFTRA negotiators worked in good faith and collegially throughout the process. The outcome is a fair contract that provides industry standard rates and access to the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan and AFTRA Retirement Fund.  

ListenUp narrators want to thank all who actively helped with this effort by withholding services, signing letters, showing support in social media and writing your own letters to ListenUp urging for this outcome. We also want to thank and acknowledge Chris Fogg for ultimately putting the interests of his professional narrators first. Please take a moment to welcome ListenUp Audiobooks to the community of producers who, through their contractual relationship with SAG-AFTRA, make it possible for narrators to earn a fair wage and enjoy comprehensive health coverage and a secure future. Please tweet the handle @ATLnarrators and send Chris a note at Also, if you will, please copy Anthony Goff ( and Beth Anderson (, and post your positive message publicly to (you can post directly to the site or email

It's important that we do as much as possible to ​acknowledge the new partnership we brought about.

Congratulations to us all and happy holidays!

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