November 2010

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November SAG Agent of the Month: Dawn Gray, Gray Talent Group, Inc.

Dawn Gray of the Gray Talent Group, Inc.

November Agent of the Month: Dawn Gray of the Gray Talent Group, Inc.

Submitted by: SAG member Ceoria M. Coates

I would like to nominate Dawn Gray of the Gray Talent Group, Inc. out of Chicago for the SAG Agent of the Month.

Dawn is the hardest working agent I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with since I joined SAG. I moved to Chicago from Boston, Massachusetts in 2006. I sent resumes and headshots to so many agents, to no avail. Being a member of SAG since 1984, I went to a meeting for agents set up by the SAG office in Chicago, at the Kaufherr Members Resource Center, where I met Dawn. After my presentation to her, she accepted me on the spot. The following week, she had two auditions for me and I was selected for one of them with a national company…Kraft Foods, back in April 2009. Since then, I have had many auditions and was chosen for some.

Getting back to Dawn, she is really very dedicated in trying to help actors to improve on their craft. She suggests ways to sharpen your acting ability and is helpful in suggesting resources that will be beneficial to us.

Dawn is easy to communicate with and is extremely patient when listening to your concerns. She spends as much time with a person as is needed, whether they are young or elderly, without rushing you.  Since I am 84 years old, I am speaking from my personal experience with her and how she continues to relate to me. She is never patronizing!

Dawn Gray deserves to be recognized for her excellent skills as SAG Agent of the Month.

Sincerely yours,
Ceoria M. Coates

SAG member Ceoria M. Coates

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