January 2011

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January SAG Agent of the Month: Traci Danielle, Brevard Talent Group, Inc., Orlando, Florida

 Traci Danielle, Brevard Talent Group, Inc., Orlando, Florida

Traci Danielle, Brevard Talent Group, Inc., Orlando, Florida

- Submitted by SAG Member Mark Lainer

My agent is Traci Danielle from Brevard Talent Group, Inc. She is not the only agent I've ever had, but she has been the best. She has seen me through good periods and bad, but has always gone to bat for me when it counted, treating me and all her clients fairly, honestly and with respect. I am very proud to be represented by her, because she represents some of the best SAG talent in Central Florida. If you see a movie or TV show filmed in the Southeast, chances are very good that you'll be seeing one or more of Traci's clients. 

She has also always been a champion for SAG. She stood with us during the commercial strike a few years ago.  Her solidarity and support were incredibly welcome at a very difficult time.

Traci has always been known for her professionalism and the professionalism she demands of her clients. She always prepares us for our auditions. Many is the time that I have been at an audition and witnessed a casting director frustrated that an actor had the wrong sides, came in at the wrong time, or showed up without the right number of headshots. Not Traci's clients, though. Traci always makes sure that we are as well prepared as we can possibly be, and that we comport ourselves with professionalism. And casting directors know this and appreciate it.

I feel very fortunate to have the agent that I do. Traci is an advocate and ally for her clients, respected by the casting directors with whom she works, trusted by all those with whom she does business, and damned good at a very tough job.

Mark Lainer
SAG Member Mark Lainer

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