Additional Screenings Available to SAG Awards Voting Members

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Additional Screenings Available to SAG Awards Voting Members
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The following films have been added to the iTunes screening program. These films will be available on iTunes as a free HD download redeemable by visiting special SAG member only studio hosted websites. All films can be downloaded on iTunes and viewed on an iPad, Mac or PC, or on an HDTV with Apple TV. Please note, if you do not already have iTunes on your computer, you will need to download it and register for an iTunes account (there is no cost to register or to download iTunes).  In order to access these free rental downloads, your Nov. 2010 dues must have been paid by Dec. 16th.


These films are in addition to the three we announced last week — 127 HOURS, BLACK SWAN and CONVICTION — which, if you haven’t already taken advantage of, are still available for download.

Access to the studios’ websites and further information can be found at

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on a PC with Windows XP or Vista, or if your computer components do not support HDCP, you will not be able to view this HD film on your computer.  Please see for more detail on options for you to screen the films in SD (Standard Definition).

Our staff has been working diligently to deal with questions and issues with regard to the downloads currently available.  In addition to our hard working staff we have built in two new components to this process, which we hope will help. 

The first is our online SAG movie code finder!  Simply go to and click on “Retrieve your SAG movie code online!”  Type in your 8 digit SAG ID number and your zip code on file with SAG.  Once submitted, your SAG movie code will appear. 

The second addition is our brand new iTunes support page developed by SAG and iTunes, which hopefully will help you answer some frequently asked questions.  Please visit for more information.

As mentioned in our initial email, the following DVD screeners are being mailed to members this year (please note only those members eligible to vote will receive DVDs):


DVDs are being mailed to you from our Guild mailing house as quickly as possible. Please be patient. Please protect the DVDs sent to you as piracy is a serious issue.
The following films are being offered to you through downloadable Movie Cash coupons, which can be redeemed at your local theater: THE FIGHTER, THE KING’S SPEECH and TRUE GRIT. Only members eligible to vote will be able to download coupons. Your individual movie code is printed at the top of the address box on your voting information postcard, below your individual online voting PIN outlined in red. The movie code number will allow you to go to a special Movie Cash web page that has been set up for eligible SAG members to download coupons for selected films offered by the studios. Please note: Your code is valid for one time use only. When you visit the Movie Cash website you will need to make all of your title selections and be prepared to print out all of your coupons at one time. Your code will not work a second time. The coupons are valid through Jan. 28 at participating theaters only. You can find a listing of participating theaters on the Movie Cash website.  

Don’t forget to check out the screenings section on our site.  Studios are adding screening dates of their films all the time!

For questions and to find out more about screenings, iTunes, Movie Cash, DVDs, voting and other information pertaining to how studios are offering their nominated films to SAG members, please see our website at

Final SAG Awards ballot information postcards were mailed to eligible members on December 30. To be eligible to receive a ballot, your Nov. 2010 dues (and any address changes) must have been made by December 16. In continuing our green initiative, we are encouraging members to vote online. Online voting instructions and your PIN to vote on-line are listed on your voting information postcard. If you return your ballot via U.S. post, you may not vote online.

All ballots must be received by Integrity Voting Systems by 12 Noon PT, on January 28.
The SAG Awards will be simulcast live coast to-coast on TNT and TBS on Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011, at 8 pm ET / 5pm PT.
An encore presentation will air on TNT at 10 pm ET/7pm PT.  Please watch!