FAQs for AB1687

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FAQs for AB1687

Q: When can we have our ages removed from our profiles at applicable websites like IMDBPro, IMDB and StudioSystem?  
A: While the law was set to take effect on January 1, 2017, the law was enjoined on February 22, 2017. SAG-AFTRA continues to defend the law in court as an Intervenor Defendant. 

Q:  Does this option to request removal of my age apply only to paid subscribers of the subscription websites?  
A: Websites are only required to make this option available to paid subscribers. However, nothing in the law prohibits a website from voluntarily allowing non-subscribers to make such a request.

Q: Will age-related information be taken off both the paid subscription website and a website affiliated with the paid website, such as IMDb Pro and IMDb?  
A: Yes, if the free website is a companion site, the age-related information must be removed from both.

Q: Does this law apply to non-subscription websites with entertainment related information, like Wikipedia?  
A: No, it only applies to sites that are subscription based and employment related, like IMDb Pro and StudioSystem.

Q: What can I do while I wait for this to take effect?   
A: If you are not yet a subscriber to IMBDPro and wish to qualify to have age related information removed from that site and IMDB, you should subscribe before Jan. 1, 2017. You can make the request to remove age-related information as soon as the law goes into effect on Jan. 1.

Q: Is this for union actors only? 
A: No.

Q: Once a request to remove age from my profile is made to a subscription website to which I subscribe, how long does the website have to remove it?  
A: 5 days.

Q: Does the law apply to subscription websites with no presence in the state of California?   
A: No 

Q: Where can I see a copy of the law? 
A: Click here to view the text of AB 1687.