A Message from Alan Rosenberg

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A Message from Alan Rosenberg

Dear Screen Actors Guild Member,

As 2008 winds down I am hopeful that 2009 will bring us a fair contract and labor peace. I truly believe that if we move forward in unity with the collective strength of 122,000 professional actors behind us, we will achieve our goals.  I implore you to learn as much as you can about the issues at stake, and stand with us and grant the board a strike authorization.

Actors have experienced the strife that this economic turmoil has brought, as have all Americans. Our hearts go out to our union brothers and sisters who have lost heir jobs, and to the thousands of United Auto Workers facing uncertain futures. But unionism is alive and well in this country as union workers rely even more on their unions for protection and advocacy.

Stop for a minute and think back to the day you got your SAG card. If you’re like most of us, it was a moment of pride and accomplishment. That membership card in your wallet means you are a professional and you are entitled to union wages and working conditions. I am determined to see that your pride in your union continues and that your SAG card continues to shine.

You can rely on your Guild. Screen Actors Guild is strong, financially sound and ready to take on whatever the future brings. Your staff and elected members are working around the clock to provide leadership and to advocate and negotiate on your behalf. Residual checks are getting to you faster than ever, our website has been enhanced to meet your growing needs, and our professional staff is pursuing and collecting claims on our behalf around the country, every day.

While your leadership is not always in agreement, we must all pledge to keep our disagreements inside the boardroom and not air our differences in the press. We must all represent you with integrity and a commitment to stand together as we take on the huge global media corporations that want to break our union. We must stay true to our solidarity votes in the boardroom and true to our responsibility to better the lives of all SAG members and their families.  Make no mistake, a house divided is doomed to fall.

We have a diverse membership spread throughout the United States. Each with common needs, as well unique career and geographical concerns. I am proud to represent each one of you and I wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday.

In unity,

Alan Rosenberg

Also, make sure you take a moment to read the new post at SAG Talk “A Letter from Eric Bogosian” available by clicking here http://www.sag.org/sag-talk and watch new videos with Alicia Witt, Hal Holbrook and Martin Sheen at www.sag.org and SAG TV.

More than 2,500 working actors have signed on to the SAG solidarity campaign at www.sag.org  If you haven’t yet signed the Guild’s solidarity statement in support of a fair contract and a “yes” vote on the strike authorization, do so now at http://www.sag.org/solidarity-signup-sheet

Please visit www.sag.org for up to the minute information and email Contract2008@sag.org (this is an email address and not a live web link) with your comments and questions.

Your support is crucial to our success in this effort.

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