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Stop Prop. 32 Zombie Lurch
Prop. 32 is Not What it Seems
LA Board Members Ferguson, Joyce, Kusatsu, Travis & Others are Voting No on Prop. 32
LA Board Members Collins, Crawford, Darbo & Others Urge You to Vote No on Prop. 32
Gabrielle Carteris Urges You to Vote No on Prop. 32
George, Radcliffe, Lewis & other LA Local Board Members are Voting No on Prop. 32

DISCLAIMER: SAG-AFTRA is a union comprised of a variety of television and radio performers, including newspersons. California SAG-AFTRA locals’ support of this initiative should not be interpreted to be the position of any individual member. As a policy matter and in accordance with the SAG-AFTRA National Constitution, SAG-AFTRA does not raise funds or endorse political parties or candidates for publicly elected office.