EEO & Diversity

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SAG-AFTRA EEO & Diversity Department monitors discriminatory employment practices, including sexual harassment, and works to increase opportunities for its diverse pool of members.  In addition to enforcing and strengthening non-discrimination provisions in collective bargaining agreements, the Department provides support, counsel and strategic advice to members, administrative and technical assistance to support policies, programs and initiatives aimed at diversifying the entertainment and news media, and is a vocal advocate challenging discrimination in the industry.

Contact Information


Los Angeles: (323) 549-6644
Fax – (323) 549-6647

New York: (212) 827-1542
Fax – (212) 827-1439

After Hours: (800) 724-0767


Let your voice be heard!

SAG-AFTRA is committed to attaining full inclusion and equal employment for all members who represent the wide diversity of our global society. In order to ensure that SAG-AFTRA continues to be a leader in promoting equal employment opportunities for all members, we need to hear from you. Take a few minutes to fill out the Demographic Census: just LOG IN and click on the "Demographic Census" promo toward the bottom of the page to take the survey.