About the Initiative

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SAG-AFTRA’s member-driven commercials organizing and recapture initiative will expand and protect work opportunities for professional performers in commercials by:

  • Successfully enforcing the contract with those producers signed to our agreements that try to produce non-union.
  • Researching and analyzing the non-union commercials industry to develop effective strategies.
  • Working with agents to discuss non-union commercials and coordinate efforts.
  • Conducting outreach to and educating casting directors.
  • Working with agents and casting directors to streamline the casting clearance process.
  • Creating a student commercials agreement to help train the next generation of commercials producers.
  • Encouraging political candidates to hire professional performers under union contracts for campaign advertising.
  • Coordinating information and efforts with other industry unions.
  • Conducting outreach to and organizing non-union advertisers and agencies.
  • Developing targeted campaigns to recapture work opportunities in such sectors as the retail market, the toy industry, the car industry, etc.
  • Organizing Spanish-language advertisers and ad agencies.
  • Researching and organizing digital media agencies.
  • Holding meetings in 25 markets to create targeted campaigns.
  • Approaching governments and tourism offices to encourage them to produce union commercials.
  • Approaching major players in the union movement to assure that when they advertise, they hire professional performers on union contracts.