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What's the difference between an aspiring actor and a working actor? Often, just a good agent. While we can't recommend an agent for you, we can direct you to our list of SAG franchised talent agents and give you some advice.

Please choose a Local, and then choose whether you’d like to display Franchised Agents or ATA/NATR (Non-Franchised) Agents.

Please note: All Union members' talent agents must be franchised by the Union or affiliated with the ATA. If any information is incorrect, please notify your SAG-AFTRA Local office. For information about being represented by ATA/NATR agents, please see the section below.

For Union Members Only: Do you have a question about your SAG franchised agent or about your ATA agent? If so, you can reach the Agency Department at or call us at (323) 549-6745 (Los Angeles) or (212) 863-4205 (New York).

To update your agency contact information with the Union, please use the SAG-AFTRA Member Agency Contact Information Form - located in the My Information section, which, when completed may be faxed to SAG-AFTRA at 323-549-6746, or mailed to the SAG-AFTRA Agency Department, 5757 Wilshire Blvd., 7thFloor, Los Angeles, CA, 90036.

Click here to view Eligibility: SAG-AFTRA Member Agency Contact Information Form

To locate an actor or his/her representative, please dial (800) 503-6737 during normal business hours to speak with SAG-AFTRA’s “Actors to Locate” Department.

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