6 Takeaways From the DGA and SAG Awards Weekend

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6 Takeaways From the DGA and SAG Awards Weekend

January 30-Movie Line
 By S.T. VanAirsdale
The most demoralizing awards season in recent memory continued over the weekend, with the Directors Guild and the Screen Actors Guild handing out their hardware to pretty much everyone you expected to receive it. I'll factor all this into Oscar Index on Wednesday for a complete-race breakdown, but here are the five basic takeaways worth keeping in mind:

1. The Artist is not coming back.
Michel Hazanavicius's DGA win for Best Director, paired with last weekend's Producers Guild win for Best Picture, all but cements The Artist's standing as the thoroughbred way, way out in front of the Oscar pack. It isn't about to slow up, either; the most that the teams behind such films as The Descendants, The Help and Hugo can hope for is that their principals cure cancer this week. And even that might not be enough goodwill to ratchet up their momentum.
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